Eyes of the Heart Studio

Pure of Heart

The young St. Maria Goretti holding a lily.

Medium: Pastel Painting

The death of the well-known “Martyr of Purity”, St. Maria Goretti, is a powerful testament to the beauty of Christian love. Maria’s purity transcended bodily integrity; it was a purity of the spirit, a purity in which her entire motive was love for God and neighbour. She did not die merely to defend her virginity. She also died for Alessandro’s sake, warning as he attempted to rape her that sexual sin could cost him his soul. She resisted him, crying out, “No! It is a sin! God does not want it!” As she lay bleeding on her death bed, covered in stab wounds, she forgave Alessandro, wishing only for his salvation. After her death, she appeared to her unrepentant murderer in prison, carrying lilies. Grace gripped his soul, leading Alessandro to conversion and the commencement of a new life in Christ.

A Life Redeemed

A poem about Alessandro’s conversion through Maria’s Divine Love,written by Adelaine.

With blood on my hands and lust in my heart

The flame of this passion has torn me apart.

She’d sooner die than give me my way –

And now with my freedom I’m sentenced to pay for her life.

Why have I brought on myself such a price?


With Blood on My Hands and love in My Heart

The pain of My Passion has torn Me apart.

I’d sooner die than give you away,

And now for your freedom I’m sentenced to pay with My life.

Freely I offer to pay such a price.


A baptism of Blood, the waters for your cleansing –

Your sin I am melting, remitting, amending.

Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.

Destroy this Temple! – My ruin will renew their lost souls.

O let Me be broken that they may be whole.


A baptism of blood, the waters for my cleansing.

My sin she is melting, remitting, amending.

“Yes, I forgive him!” – Now I see what I do.

I destroyed her body, and her ruin has renewed my lost soul.

Once I was broken, but now I’m made whole.


Her lilies of grace have pierced my marrow

My guilt engulfs me, my shame like an arrow.

Change me, O Lord! Undo what I’ve done.

Because of my sin, oh please do not shun this poor man.

I now place my life into Your pierced Hands.


That lilies of grace may pierce your marrow

Your guilt engulfs Me, your shame like an arrow.

To change you I bleed, until it is done;

Because of your sin, the whole people shun this poor Man.

I now take your life into My pierced Hands.


I came down from Heaven, your soul to entice

Unto My pure Spirit, departing from vice.

And now as My son, your soul I have claimed

Rejoicing at last that your life is regained for My Kingdom!

Through My Wounds and My death, a new life has begun.


She flew up to Heaven, my soul to entice

Unto God’s pure Spirit, departing from vice.

And now as her brother, my soul she has claimed

Rejoicing at last that my life is regained for His Kingdom!

Through her wounds and her death, my new life has begun.