Eyes of the Heart Studio

Master of the Storm

Jesus draws Peter up out of the water as he begins to sink - a rescue overshadowed by Divine Mercy.

Medium: Mixed Media (mostly coloured pencil)

A strong Hand rescues Peter, drawing him up out the turbulent waters.

Their eyes meet, and a merciful Voice asks Peter,

“O man of little faith, why did you doubt?”

(Matthew 14:31)


How many of us can relate to Peter in his fear and in his weakness!

As Peter quaked before the mighty waves, we tremble before the storms of life,

yet our fears and doubts are without an ultimate foundation.

Every storm has a Master who hovers over it with His Mercy,

and His Hand desires to save.

The Lord does not promise to save us from the storm,

but He does promise to save us in the storm.


This image of Jesus saving Peter is unique in its symbolism.

The Father’s Hand, raised in benediction, signifies His salvific mastery over all.

In Christ’s halo, the Latin words “EGO SUM” (“I AM”),

remind us that Jesus is truly God, One with the Eternal Father,

and infinite in His Power.

The Father’s Spirit – the Son’s Spirit – the Holy Spirit,

represented as a dove,

descends upon the rescue with Divine Mercy.


Something the Lord has really impressed upon me in prayer

is that the Holy Spirit is Divine Mercy,

and He is unleashed into our hearts through the Eucharist.

Every Communion, that Spirit is united to our spirit,

His Mercy is outpoured upon our misery,

His Power is wedded to our frailty.

We needn’t be frightened or scandalized by the tempests in our lives,

for “power is made perfect in weakness.” (2 Cor 12:9)

If we keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, our Saviour and our Bread,

placing our trust in His unfailing Love for us and divine Power,

even the weakest soul, upheld by grace,

can walk on water.