Eyes of the Heart Studio

His Holy Face

A beautiful painting of the face of Christ, after the shroud of turin.

Medium: Craft Acrylics on Crepe

Note: This image was painted as a gift for my dear Auntie. I referenced a picture of The Holy Face from the Shroud of Turin, as well as Akiane Kramarik’s incredible painting Prince of Peace, inspired by a vision. I marveled that the Face of Jesus in both images has the same proportions.

A Prayer to the Holy Face

My beloved Jesus, I long for the day when I shall see You face to face. 

As I await that glorious day, I ask you to please show Yourself to my inmost heart. 

I offer You my poor heart to console You, as Veronica offered You her veil; imprint on it Your sacred countenance, as You imprinted it on her veil.

Though You remain hidden under the appearances of bread, I praise you, Jesus, for allowing me to gaze upon Your Face in the Eucharist. Truly I see You with the eyes of faith, and truly You look back at me, transforming me as I adore You according to Your likeness.

Dwell within me, purify me and consume me with your grace, that my own features may reflect Your Love to the world, and thereby allow others to see what You look like.

I am Yours and You are mine; look through my eyes, speak through my lips, love through my heart, that every soul I meet may come to know You and adore Your Holy Face.